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Tips to Transform Your Master Bathroom into a Retreat

If your existing bathroom needs an update and the floorplan works for you, it is easy to create a spa like retreat. Start by upgrading to a elegant soak tub. Spend some time on this purchase because options such as adding jets or a heater to keep water warm. Tubs come in a variety of shapes and styles sure to fit your design.

Upgrade your cabinets to include some specialty storage solutions that meet your needs. Add new undermount bowls with either quartz or a granite top and new faucets. Find a tile that you love to add interest to your backsplash. If cabinets are still functional use hardware to make a statement or add flair. Top off your vanity with a stunning framed mirror instead of a frameless wall to wall mirrors.

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Lighting is a key element to a bathroom. It should be layered for both function and beauty. Task light should be incorporated into the vanity area. Overhead lighting is used as an overall light for the space and accent lighting can be used to enhance certain key features. Don't forget to add lighting to your shower.

Our day begins and ends in our bathroom, therefore when selecting a paint color, choose one that is soothing and makes you feel calm. This ensures that your day begins fresh and new and allows the stress of the day to lift. Consider coordinating the color with colors used in the master bedroom to add continuity to your space.

Other luxuries to consider might be adding a steam shower and a seat to the shower. If space allows, you can incorporate a bench or seat in the bath. Stock up on soaps, scrubs, oils and lotions in fragrances that please you. A heated towel stocked with you favorite towel should be located within the bathing area. Sprinkle in some scented candles and aromatherapy and prepare to be taken away to your very own five star retreat.

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