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The Beauty of the Fireplace

Nothing takes the chill away from a cold winter day better than snuggling up in front of a cozy fireplace. In addition to providing a heat source, a fireplace adds beauty and emotional warmth to the home. The style and material of the fireplace and chimney as well as the design of the mantel and hearth contribute to the beauty of this space. However, this wonderful centerpiece can present a design dilemma.

The choice of materials is almost unlimited. They range from tile, natural stone, brick, concrete, painted drywall and wood. Antique wood or carved stone mantels provide a unique look as well as reflect the style of the home. Another alternative is to have no mantel at all, allowing the architectural elements used to build the fireplace to extend to the ceiling.

Because the fireplace is usually a large focal point in the room, it is often in competition for the coveted space of the television. These two titans can be reconciled into the design of your home without compromising on style. We are now seeing more televisions being installed behind a remote controlled piece of artwork. Newer televisions are incorporating artwork into their screen savers making them part of the decor.

Fireplace mantels can be used to display accessories such as artwork, family photos, candels, decorative mirrors, colorful glass, and other cherished treasures. A unique fireplace screen and tools provide both function and beauty.

Place comfortable chairs, ottomans, and lots of pillows nearby to add to the comfort and coziness of the fireplace. Incorporate storage solutions for reading materials, games and hobbies conveniently close to the fireplace. Don't forget your fireplace in the summer months too. It is a great place for plants or other natural elements.

Focus on the fireplace adds beauty to your home and provides a comfortable space for living.

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