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Using Copper as a Design Element

copper farm sink

Most of us tend to think of brass, silver or bronze when adding a metallic finish to our decor. Cooper is an extremely versatile design element. It works well with modern, rustic or traditional design styles. While silver is a cool metallic color, copper like gold and bronze is a warm finish that lends a richness to any space.

Copper complements any neutral color palette and is exceptionally effective when paired with blues, greens, brilliant jewel tones and silvery grays.

To incorporate copper into your home, a good place to start is in your kitchen or bath. Copper can be considered for the range hood, countertop, faucet, backsplash or in tile accents. It can be used in lighting fixtures throughout other areas of the home. Copper doesn't necessarily have to be a metal finish. As a color, cooper can be incorporated into textiles such as linens, upholstery fabric, bedding and window treatments.

How will you add the lushness of copper to your decor?

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