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5 Benefits of Working with an Interior Designer

Details are what separate a quality project from an average project. If you are looking for a professionally designed space that meets a functional need and yet reflects your personal style, consider hiring an interior designer. There are 5 ways a designer can help you reach the goals you have for your project.

1. Attention to detail. Whether you are considering adding new accessories, furniture placement, changing paint colors or adding architectural elements such as open beams or mouldings, a trained designer can help you make decisions that will enhance your existing space.

2. Spatial Solutions. Oddly shaped, small spaces and often large spaces can present design challenges for homeowners. Regardless of size, layout or decor, a designers approach to space planning can provide solutions that are often overlooked because designers are trained in the spacial allocation required for activities as well as traffic flow of living spaces.

3 Access to Resources. Designers have access to a variety of materials often at a discounted costs. Designers are trained to consider finishes based on durability and maintenance as well as aesthetics.

4. Long Term Savings. While hiring an interior designer is not cheap, it will help you avoid costly mistakes such as measuring and ordering errors or improper installation. Designers can help to ensure that your choices are timeless and fit with other elements of your home.

5. Increased Home Value. While not all design solutions will add value to your home, hard to maintain or trendy decor can detract from your home's value. A professional designer will help you avoid value damaging decisions and ensure that your design decisions enhance your home's charm and appeal.

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