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Adding Color to Your Home

Now that winter is over and spring is returning to the mountains of East Tennessee, it is time to loose the winter blahs by adding some bright and cheerful color to lift our spirits and create a fresh new look in our home. Bright colors add both warmth and energy to a room. Trending new colors being used this year are tropical shades of turquoise and hot pink. Tested and true, primary tones of red, yellow and blue. Or be a trend setter by using tangerines and vibrant greens.

If bold colors are a bit to scary, start small. Consider painting just one wall. Accessories are another excellent way to incorporate color into our room without making a huge commitment of time and money. So get a little crazy with color when selecting such things as throw pillows, table settings.

These are a few tips to ensure that you are using color to its maximum potential in your design scheme:

*Balance bright colors with black to white to make them pop.

*For a softer look, complement bright tones with neutral beige, cream or popular grays.

*Use complementary colors, one soft color combined with a bolder color, for example, use a soft green with a bright red or powder blue with a vibrant orange.

Still not sure where to start? Draw inspiration from your favorite piece of art. Pull 2 or 3 colors from it to incorporate into your design scheme and you will almost certainly never go wrong.

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